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Sunday, 24 July 2011

Mixed Media

According to the latest revelation about the antics of the Murdoch press, sources are recounting tales of News International executives allegedly paying convicted sex offenders to carry out various kinds of assault on young women, filming the attacks so that they would automatically have the inside scoop on the stories. The revelation follows the discovery that reporters were given financial incentives to retrieve the underpants of children who had been sexually abused.

At the time of writing James Murdoch is still denying he had knowledge of the practise, in spite of the release of multiple verified digital images of him pointing and laughing at a headline reading "DEFILED" while holding one of the garments in question and being fondled by a disabled terror attack victim who was in turn being held at gunpoint by a clone of Myra Hyndley created in a lab at the paper's expense.

Despite clearly being in the public interest, these stories are predictably provoking widespread liberal rage among the usual unapologetically biased left wing media outlets such as the Daily Mail.

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