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Sunday, 12 September 2010

Lowest Form of Skit?

BBC3 are currently on the lookout for competitors to take part in an upcoming new twist on the talent show format. The project, Are You Less Sarcastic Than A Hyena, has reportedly been in the works since the unprecedented success of last year's one-off special Mum, Defecation And Compulsive Sex Tourism.

The show will feature members of the public competing to demonstrate their unique level of sarcasm awareness as compared to that observed in marsupials measured in a series of controlled experiments carried out across the globe, through which the animals were shown arbitrary episodes of aspirational US sitcoms and filmed to monitor any resulting smirks, snorts or self-satisfied nods.

The production team are particularly looking for young people aged 17-20 who feel they can deliver a distinct, uncompromising but fundamentally self-aware levity combined with the kind of limp sense of irony most associated with such past entertainers as Russ Abbott, philosopher Bertrand Russell and erstwhile pop star Sheena Easton. Think you fit the bill? Send your showrile off to the programme makers along with a blood sample and get those fingers crossed!